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MarketVision Kiosk Digital Display

Engaging Motion Graphics

Eye-catching Motion!

Our MarketVision digital displays are strategically placed in the deli and perimeter departments which are heavily trafficked areas where there is 'dwell' time allowing for maximum exposure of your message to your audience. The innovative, state-of-the-art HD display attracts attention through rich, dynamic motion graphics.

Your motion graphic ad placed on our state-of-the-art, HD display within a 4:00 minute loop both engages and entertains your local prospect delivering branding for your business and repetition of your message:

  • Engaging Motion Graphics
  • Entertaining
  • Forced Exposure
  • Unparalleled Repetition
  • Precise Targeting

Exposure Your ad is GUARANTEED to be seen by shoppers.

Repetition Your ad will be seen 2-3 times more often than traditional advertising media like newspapers and pennysavers.

Targeting Your ad will be seen by the people most likely to frequent your business... since you get to pick the store.


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